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Data Recovery Station (DRS) is the first & only professional data recovery service provider in Bangladesh, founded by Md. Mahbub Hossain Shahi who started digging into in depth data recovery service since 2004 from the backdoor & since 2006 started to provide the service successfully at the frontdoor having International Standard, recognition as a Data Recovery Specialist to provide data recovery service with Safety, Reasonable pricing, Privacy protection, Satisfaction, Promising & Hasle free.

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Only Professional Data Recovery Service
In Bangladesh, In A Affordable Way

Only We Have Professional Software, Standalone Hardware Devices, Software+Hardware combined complex Technologies/Devices In Bangladesh so far. All other Data Recovery Centre/Service providers are our client, so why not you?

Why Choose Us?
# We ensure write protection toward your drive to avoid further damage.
# We have bunch of SPECIALIZED Hardware+Software Combined Devices, Standalone Hardware Devices & Professional Softwares.
# Our Expert is Internationally Recognized & Rewarded.
# Diagnosing report within 72 hours (Most of the time immediately).
# Fair & Affordable pricing based on problem.
# Professionalism is our strengths.
# We have strong network with Data Recovery Experts Worldwide.

If you google "data recovery in Bangladesh" or go outside of your office/home, you will see a lot of advertisement regarding Data Recovery, 100% data recovery centre etc., all they are giving you wrong information intentionally or unintentionlly, have you taken into your consideration what is their capability? or simply being affected by advertisement you are leaving your case to some amateur to make the case worse! Remember, data recovery is a sophisticated & sensitive job, only highly knowledgeable, skilled expert with the usage of right tools/technologies can give you the 2nd chance to recover data safely.
Few Differences Between So-Called Data Recovery Shop/Experts & (You Must Read)
So Called Expert/Shop
They don't know data recovery mechanism
We know mechanism
They work like an amateur, trial & error based
We work professionally, by following logic & theory
As they don't know logic/mechanism, failure rate is high, even wrong operation makes case worse, sometime irrecoverable forever.
We confirm guaranteed safety, because we know the logic & mechanism.
They have only 1 or 2 type of solution. 1. Next > Next > Finish type software or 2. PCB swap for all types of cases. It's guaranteed, they can do nothing except these 2 things. The rest they attempt to do, never get positive feedback, only their attempt degrades the case. They don't have any logical explanation. (Their work style is like FEEDING PARACETAMOL to all types of patience.
We have vast types of solution check further, 100% safety assurance, 100% explanation to each case. Because we know side effects of using same type of solution to each case, that's why we start from the beginning, consultancy with the customer, then diagnosis & finally the required action.
They don't have any Tools/technologies except screw driver & some end-user type softwares
We have professional softwares, software-hardware complex technologies (since 2006, only Bangladeshi we know how to operate these tools/technologies), standalone hardware to diagnose your HDD properly & expertise to take required action.
Lack of knowledge, expertise.
Md. Mahbub Hossain Shahi who wrote article on Monthly Computer Jagat in 2007 regarding data recovery, his data recovery case study has been rewarded by SD in 2009, situated in Chinese Academy of Science, Chengdu, China. Read further details about Md. Mahbub Hossain Shahi
They use fake terms like HDD Drum damage, cylinder damage, laser damage etc.
We know what is inside into a HDD, how a HDD works, how data is stored physically, we never misguide people because we know the mechanism.


Now-A-Days We are receiving TEMPER/Miss-Handled HDDs regularly where the HDDs are found with 2nd time/additional damages that is making the case complicated & sometime irrecoverable forever. Please be careful from the non-tech who are playing with your data & drive & making the case worse.
PARACETAMOL is not the UNIVERSAL solution for all types of patience. Precise diagnosis is required first for identifying the problem exactly, then action/treatment as required with the right gear.

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Is Your HDD Password Locked (It's Not So-Called O/S Password)? Recover Your Data Only @ 8000BDT

Do You Need 5GB / 10GB / 20GB HDD For Your Industrial Machines? We Have HDD Re-Size Service, We Can Cut Your Existing HDD Capacity to your requirement @ 5000BDT Only

* Most Important Part of Data Recovery Is Ensuring Right Protection towards your device to avoid further data loss. It can be ensured by Data Recovery Experts Only, PC Repair Expert or Shop Can't do it instead of TRIAL & ERROR Tasks.

* Never let your drive to be experimented by your Technical Support Engineer or who might be expert to other IT Field, it might lead to additional data loss. Data Recovery Is A Specialized & Sensetive Job, Which Are Performed by Data Recovery Expert Only.

* Don't trust them who says you "YOUR DRUM IS DEAD", there is no term exist in HARD DISK DRIVE

We Have Each Case Explanation
Several Satisfied Clients For Extensive Expertise

Few Of Our Clients List:
KNIT ZONE GROUP, Abdul Monem Ltd., Mondol Group, Telnet Communication Limited, Pritom Ahmed (Singer/Composer/Producer)
From Different Educational Institutes Including DU, BUET, Primeasia University, NSU, UODA etc.
Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy
From Corporates Including Bangladesh Bank, Bank Asia, NAScom Pvt. Ltd. etc.
Different IT Service Firm - Sys Computers, Superior Computers, Onix Computers System etc.
Different Compter Shops & Service Centres In BCS Computer City, Elephant Road etc.
International Clients - From Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Malaysia etc.
For Privacy Reason, We Can't Put A Lot of Several Organizations & Personals.

What to do when data lost
1. Disconnect the drive immediately
2. Contact us over phone or email.

What Happened To Your HDD...
# Burnt?
# Not detected in BIOS?
# Detected in BIOS but not by Operating System?
# Message like "Your drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?"
# Power failure/No Response?
# Disk Error/Media Error/Read Error?
# Detected by wrong Model/Wrong Capacity?
# Inaccessible drive
# Drive protected by PASSWORD
# Detected as 0 capacity
# CRC Error
# Deleted/Formatted/Partition Loss
# No Disk Found

Don't do to avoid further damage
# Stop using the drive/disconnect the drive and stop experimenting which will degrade the drive even worse.
# In most of the cases, Data Recovery is one time assignment , so, never attempt to repair it yourself even by your technical support engineer.
# Never run CHKDSK/ScanDisk/FSCK etc while your drive has been suffering for Bad Sector. Even, if the drive want to be checked by Operating system, stop it immediately by "Pressing Any Key" . It will kill your data.

# Never run CHKDSK/ScanDisk/FSCK etc while your drive has been suffering for Bad Sector. Even, if the drive want to be checked by Operating system, stop it immediately by "Pressing Any Key". It will loss your data more. Contact us immediately to get back data.
# Stop accessing your drive immediately when the drive is making any clicking/unusal sound, as it will create serious scratch on the media-which will make the drive unrecoverable.